BUYERS/SELLERS - I have been interested in real estate since 2014 when I worked as a project manager in the construction field. Enthusiasm, hard work and personalized service go into everything I do. I attribute my success not only to my passion for real estate, but also my intuition regarding the psychology of buying and selling. We take a team approach to real estate. Buying or selling a home is a complex, sophisticated and often deeply personal endeavor. The client deserves the full service and attention that only a team of experts can consistently provide. At Five Pillars Realty, we aim to deliver top results and an enjoyable experience every time!

INVESTORS - For many folks, the AMERICAN DREAM is homeownership, whereas to me it is entrepreneurship and the beauty of capitalism. Why not combine both and turn real estate into a business? Or better yet, why not turn real estate into an investment where you can build wealth and passive income? Whether this is your first property or you are looking to expand your portfolio, the entire Five Pillars Realty team and I are here to help turn the American dream into reality.

EDUCATION - I have an extensive college background that includes 3 years as a Physics major in Brazil, one A.S. Degree in Science Engineering and in May 2021, I will complete a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Real Estate Construction and Portfolio Development.

MILITARY - I am transitioning out of the military at the moment after serving as a Behavioral Health Specialist with the 44th Medical Brigade. The Army brought me to Fort Bragg and the beautiful state of North Carolina. I am fully aware that I could never repay for all the opportunities this country has given me over the years. I am honored to have served this great nation and do not take it for granted.

FUN FACT - I played Snooker (pool) professionally in Brazil for several years and won many tournaments at the state and national level before I turned 20. Other interests are piano, guitar, tennis, skiing, motorcycles, nature, politics and psychology.




I am here to help you achieve your real estate goals!