About US

Five Pillars Realty Group at eXp Realty was designed to bridge the gap between Realtors and Investors, and expanded into the mega source for all things Real Estate. The team is comprised primarily of Veterans who invest in real estate. Their unique background allows them to understand the financial goals of investors as well as the ambitious drive of service members.

Established: 2019

What are the Five Pillars?

1. Education
2. Network
3. Creativity
4. Action
5. Perseverance


To “Be More”


To inspire an unconventional approach to real estate

and action towards a meaningful life.

Core Values

Extreme Ownership

Everything that happens or fails to happen is up to you.

Look in the mirror first

Check the ego

Problem Solvers


Critical & forward-thinking

Find a way to win/figure it out




Honest & straightforward

Never act with malice

Growth Mindset

Abundance; give & share without expectation


Always learning & progressing


Quality over quantity

Team comprised of only the right people, top tier, who live our core values

Build a community

Internally – camaraderie, close-knit crew

Externally – community of like-minded people, taking action towards a meaningful life

Put a ding in the universe

Be More

Inspire, live a life of positive influence

Understand that we have the power to change the trajectory of someone’s life… and by that, create exponential change, one person at a time

“What is honored in a culture is what will be generated there.”